Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Absence of Councillors hypocritical

A good rollout and a good idea of who the candidates were; a credit to Colac DCC . People listening to discussion on OCRFM would realise what a wide range of comments were made, making the evening a really worthwhile way of thinking about who to vote for . I can only wonder why considering Brian Crooks and other Councillors concern to improve local government and accountability ( the talk on many lips) why most Councillors were not there . Maybe they think nothing will happen here while Labor is in power . The absence of Labor suggests they believe less in the effectiveness of a good old democratic discussion in, like last night , and more in their right to rule . I hope Polwarth sends the message that its not going to be taken for granted - certainly this was the feeling at this excellent candidates meeting.
Don't forget the free train trip today - Thanks to David O'Brien - putting all the TALK about extar trains on the real line between Colac and Geelong.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Choosing the next CEO

Do the Councillors really know what they are doing ? Years ago Councils employed a qualified engineer because most of that rates went into roads, rubbish and real estate management . Fine .

State government too want Shires to do more of the things they were doing . How effective has been the transfer and what amazing person could manage all the new roles and ideas of "how best to do things "  .

So what qualifications should CEO of a shire have?

  After all , thinking you know is one thing , but having a track record of effective proven cultural  support for sound and efficient decision-making is another  .I hope Cnr's Crook Delahunty ,Woodcroft ,Hart ,Smith  and Buchanan think about that and tell us some essentials of what they think
Mr Small  will be remembered as one who , gave COT the reputation for one of the most unacceptable planning decisions in the State (Hill top house and illegal subdivision  near Red rock ) .Full documentation at here
Mr Small ,and his executive team, will also be remembered by us who have directly involved especially  , when he came back for a second go , not as one who made decisions, like supporting publicly  the house on the hill , but as one who increased the paper trail and helped close down the Otways to industry with reams and reams of Snow .   The only real test for  truly sustainable decisions is time;  and clearly many of our decsion makers won't be here to see the test of time.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

What to do about the Councils bad reputation ?

Simply admit it has one --would be a start.

We know the executives performance pay is linked to their evaluations,  so there is little reason for a change in perception on the executives part .  But you blokes ?
Something seems to be wrong with senior executives  assessment  method  when over 400 people turn up a public meeting and focus on the executive .  
We know  Mr Small left last time after VCAT severely criticized him and his team for allowing a house (and a non conforming 3 lot subdivision) be built on a prominent ridgeline less than I kilometre and adjacent to Red Rock. http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/sinodisp/au/cases/vic/VCAT/2004/1485.html
Mr Brian Crook invited him back , but on what basis and with what performance guarantees ? When will Mr Small  leave us this time,  and at what cost ?

Whose really running the show at Rae street ? Is it the lawyers or rule makers who constantly threaten some called serious rule breakers in  our community .Will blaming the outsiders work when so many can see the accountability problems are NOT being dealt with internally . Mayor speaks for so many who perhaps  she should ask to speak for themselves- that might clear the air a bit .

Why does Mayor Mrs Russell  not  seem to accept that accountability from those highly paid "public servants" who stand behind is her responsibility - especially before they jump ship after a few year of well paid private service ?

Monday, September 23, 2013

After extensive consultation we are not told the truth

Recieved Barwon Water's letter telling us that after "extensive consultation" they will be doing what they like with our water . I accept that they are going to take some of our water and give to Geelong,  but do they have to pretend that we are the ones that benefit from the new pipeline?

What disrespect and dishonesty !. The document is full or errors and is highly misleading . Its complete rubbish as our end is the one with security of supply .

Where are our representatives to hold these manipulators of the truth to account?. Where are the representatives to hold these manipulators of the truth to treat us with respect .If The government  can blatantly lie about why they are spending our money,  why have Parliament if no members ASK QUESTIONS  , get up and say so .
Maybe we will have to wait till the next election for someone to say the Liberals are too afraid to do the job wE elected them to do - stand up for the truth down in how and what our money is spent on down here in Polwarth.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Indi and Cathy McGowan our inspiration

Watch out all those who claim to operate "in our interest" . Those of us who have gladly held the responsibility of office as public servants know that today ...right now... in our country there are many who either can't or won't talk about it in their patch . Its tragic and it must stop

  • Sometimes its because their parties are paranoid and have been pandering too long to the marginals and sometimes its because "they think they know" when "out into the country they go ",.
  • Sometimes its because they have gone into a job they thought was easy but have found they are have been sharing ignorance and arrogance about something that takes real cooperation -and don't want to admit it
  • Sometimes its because they are a wonderful young person interested in public issues but overcome by the crap upstairs . 
  • Sometimes its because they are being bullied by their CEO and his team (in some sort of ongoing "Kennett curse" of business knows best rubbish ? ) 
  • You and I haven't got time for all the reasons 

. All we want our leaders to do is represent us --and that what Cathy has stood up to do . Lets hope our Sarah does the same in Corangamite.

Media watch out.  All this is a surprise to you because you are showing the same ignorance and arrogance of some of those who would jump into our busy and highly productive world and lead us - be sure you too can be as productive...... before you start .......trying to find us partners ( Farmer wants a wife but needs a slave )
Council Execs watch out - if you are listening to State bureaus out of paper chase control , you too are not listening to us .Jeff Kennett and his careless Liberal mates  thought they were clever sacking public servants but little did he know he created and enormous shortage and set the scene for an era of depression and degradation in local government like no other .dumb stuff and dangerous bureau stuff . Lets hope the new Liberals show more respect for the words written in the floor of parliament Watch out Liberal leaders Heaven does not come from ust adopting business principles in every household in the country .Heaven doesn't just arrive when you sell things .
Respect the unique eco environment of Agriculture . We make stuff and because we use the environment to do it ,it means both city and country need to CARE MORE for the careless use of monotheistic economic policy in our patch . No more retail therapy dummies - its not diverse , its not sensitive , its quickfix and doesn't model real resilience ( and stop using that word until you know how it works)
Respect the needs of young people . Our young people WANT and deserve more than asset stripping  . They want and deserve  a sustainable culture of rest recreation and high productivity  ( our patch) . A career in helping farmers understand the environment not another trucked army with mere shovels or Cmas and Departments of Worry and Ignorance that just write  codes about things they don't understand and haven't put into practice . Stop the rot Greg Hunt !

If you are going to tell us what to do - know how things work or just sit and learn for a while longer 

Indi you are the countries inspiration and McGowans deserve full accreditation !

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Campaigns for the people by the outsiders

So much propaganda by our Council spokespersons  in recent years lacks depth and credibility , Take the outside funded "Colac promotion"  combined with the high rates .  How long can the facade of spending money,  as outsiders think we should , dictate how we keep this place going ?
If we keep and attract businesses,  rather than just " people " we keep professions and people.two wins
How can we keep good teachers if our students study in Geelong ? If Council officers don't actually live here
  they can be expected to  keep employing outside professionals to tell us how to live and improve our lot . Take the overly simple dumb campaigns to just attract "people "recently in TV ad campaign .The money could have made a lotta signs !  " Just come here to cruise eh ?" 

If our leaders don't want to live here,  how can they decide why others should ? People come here , not because there is work here,  but because houses are cheap -     shallow and unsustainable leadership thinking.

Sometimes I wish Brian Crook would take himself seriously ( prove that locals are just as professional as anyone ) and say " no more outside dictation , or at least,  " explain yourselves instead of this old rhetoric that we have consulted and noone  came ( = not interested ) or "  we must trust those we made commitments to …….on behalf of the people "  " they know something we don't " even Cheeseman left town.and paved the road outta ere . Not very credible when Colac Otway is indeed a great place to live . 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Performance pay is NOT appropriate

Senior management and the Mayor are very happy with our planning executives and CEO's  performance, but the people of the area are not ( public meetings in June ) . Our Council spends 1.5 million dollars on Information management and still manage to lose lots of files
Here is  another issue they don't seek to resolve conflict -not even talking about the above uneccesary disasters waiting to happen ALL over the Shire .
Our roads are disaster areas and noone on Council has acted to change the dangerous situations occurring all over the Shire . Clearly some Councillors take more notice of closet conservationists than they do of practical ones.This is plain obviuos to any objective observer.
Its not clear therfore ,  in their rush to put through another overlay imposing vegetation controls (C70 ) on their roads that the Colac Otway shire really have control over their own roads .
I wonder if their information management system has this problem even listed . These unresolved edge issues all around the Shire could cost a life or two if they don't finally DO something to stop others from telling them what to do.
 In some sort of strange paradox C67 is the Shire telling the long suffering ratepayers how to prevent damage to their own infrastructure. as if they don't already know about soils